Feminist Summer Reading School 2019: Philosophy and Bodies

From https://femsummer.weebly.com/:

We are excited to announce the third annual Feminist Summer Reading School, hosted this year by Cornell University. The 2019 Summer School theme is “Philosophy and Bodies”, and will be held June 17-22, 2019. Spanning from early understandings of mind-body relations to current ethical and political issues surrounding the body, the Summer Reading School will delve into topics such as disability, gender, weight/fatness, sex, confinement/imprisonment, race, and so on. The Summer School is uniquely structured insofar as all the reading is done at the Summer School and not beforehand, as is customary for conferences. Students disperse to read either in small groups or individually and then reconvene for a discussion session. The Summer School strives to create a collaborative and diverse environment that facilitates meaningful learning among students with varying philosophical strengths and life experiences. In addition, we have invited several scholars to give workshops and lectures on a topic related to feminism and the body.

Confirmed speakers
Dr. Kate Manne, Cornell University

When: June 17-22, 2019
Where: Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA
Cost: Free
Applications open: January 3
Application Deadline: February 22
Application Decisions: mid-March 

To apply, please send a motivation letter in PDF form to ​femsummer2019@gmail.com. It should be no longer than two pages.

The motivation letter should include your name, contact information, and institutions you have or currently attend. It should answer the three following questions:

1. What are your philosophical interests, aspirations, and background?
2. What motivates your application to the Feminist Summer Reading School?
3. What interests you about feminist philosophy? What interests you about “the body” or “bodies” in philosophy?

We especially encourage students from underrepresented or marginalized  groups to apply. We therefore encourage you to let us know, in your motivation letter, what underrepresented or marginalized groups you belong to, and and how they have affected your academic experience.

For more information, visit https://femsummer.weebly.com/

If further information is required, contact femsummer2019@gmail.com

Author: Fannie Bialek

Fannie Bialek is an Assistant Professor of Religion and Politics at the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics at Washington University.

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